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The Spanish new legislation, the “Entrepreneurs Law”, which came into force on 28th September 2013, established investment in real estate as a path to obtain legal residence in Spain. It is the first EU country issued such regulation in the form of law that regulates the concept of investment immigration.

The legislation stipulates that citizens of third countries outside the EU, with legitimate and stable source of income and no criminal record, can purchase more than €500,000 worth of real estate in Spain in exchange for residence. Investors who obtained such residence, their spouse, children (including those children over 18 years old but economically relying on the parents), and investor’s parents that economically rely on them can also obtain the same residence and enjoy the same welfare benefit of Spain, and have free access to 26 Schengen countries.

The advantages of this program: 
• The investment requirement is low: only need to purchase real estate over €500,000. There are no additional language, business or academic background requirements
• No minimum residency time requirements
• Fast speed: the total time to purchase property and get residence approval could only take 2-3 months
• Enjoy European high welfare: children have free admission to public education, sophisticated health care system and free access to a total of 26 Schengen countries (Germany, France, Italy, etc)
• Benefit for the whole family: with only one investment, spouse, children and parents of 3 generations can gain residence together
• The best investment moment: after the real estate bubble burst in Spain, now the price has dropped to the bottom, so it is the best moment to invest to achieve wealth global allocation
• High quality of the living environment: Spain is the backyard of Europe with perfect mediterranean climate, away from the haze, to enjoy healthy high quality of life

GH investment & immigration team is jointly established by Spanish and Chinese lawyers. It is one of the first to provide professional services of Spanish investment and immigration program in China. Besides to individuals, we also provided professional services to a big number of immigration agencies. Until today it maintains 100% pass rate and built up good reputation within clients.

GH investment & immigration team focused on the investment & immigration program to Spain. It has established deep and extensive cooperation with major Spanish banks, developers, and second-hand real estate agencies. Its high quality listing properties covered all the major cities in Spain, which can provide customers with a wide range of choice and ensure price transparency. We have perfect after sales service system including: relocation, property trusteeship management and property resale etc., which allows you to invest without any worries for afterwards.

GH has strong links to the Spanish immigration department, the Spanish embassy and consulates in China, as well as Spanish Chamber of Commerce, which ensures your residence application post investment.